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  1. Georgia

    I just read the paper you wrote for your class and I must say that it was very enlightening to me. You’re very inspiring to many people I’m certain, because it’s not just the person who has been diagnosed with PD who has to be strong and determined with coping with the symptoms of the disease, the people who are closest to them, love & care deeply about them are also going through similar feelings and thoughts.

    I am one of them….

    My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, approximately 2-years ago. He was very depressed when he received the diagnosis, because his father had it. He recalled seeing what his dad went through and he would say that he did not want to “end up like that “. We’re both doing better now that we’ve accepted the circumstances that have been placed in our path. We will be celebrating our 29th Anniversary this month…we’ve been blessed with these learning experiences – be they good or bad it matters not – I believe what the Lord promised, that He will not give us more than we can handle, everything happens for a specific reason …. although most of the time we don’t know what the reason is.

    Thank you for sharing your story through the writing assignment.

  2. Leigh S.

    The Black History performance poem is very powerful. It took me on a journey that had its own arc, just like ML King’s words. I wonder how your students thought about it. Kudos.

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