Videos About Parkinson’s Disease


Videos About My School

  • Bronx Charter School for Better Learning – official video “Awakening the Learner Within.”
  • Korean Folk Song Performance – I play the kayagum, a Korean traditional stringed instrument, while eight 2nd Graders sing folk songs at a gallery opening in Manhattan.  (I direct and teach in our school’s Korean program.)
  • Korean Lunar New Year Assembly 2011 – As director of the school’s Korean program, I organize this event each year.  You can see me briefly in the background, wearing a pink hanbok, the traditional Korean clothes.
  • Korean Lunar New Year Assembly 2014 – another successful show!
  • Vocabulary Drama:  Hercules and the Stymphalian Birds – I write and produce monthly dramas that incorporate the school’s official vocabulary list.  The actors – a mix of students and staff – have only two short rehearsals before we perform in front of the entire school.  The audience reactions sometimes drown out the performers, so apologies in advance!  BTW, I also play the rabbit puppet.
  • Korean Folk Song “Arirang” – In February, 2015, about 70 Third Graders sang “Arirang” as a thank you for a Skype video conference with Newbery Award Winning author Linda Sue Park.  I’m playing the kayagum with a bandaged hand from when I slipped on an icy sidewalk.
  • Black History Month Poem 2015 – One of the great actors at school read a poem I wrote for a special in-house broadcast on Black History Month.  You can download the written version in “Files,” or click here.
  • BBL Students Interview Ambassador Kathleen Stephens – who also sings a Korean song with them.