Here’s a wide range of links to help you lead a better life!

  • Transportation Options for Older Adults thoroughly reviews what possibilities are open to you when you can no longer drive a car – and what questions you should consider when seeking out these options.
  • Home Modifications and Selling Your Home delves into the issue of making your current home more livable now that you have a disability.  It covers everything from adding grab bars in your bathroom to widening all doorways to accommodate wheelchairs.  Which home modifications increase the resale value, and which modifications hurt it?
  • Fall Prevention – no, this is not about delaying autumn and living in an endless summer, although that is a lovely idea!  It’s a National Council on Aging webpage with links to videos and other resources that train senior citizens – and their caregivers – in how to avoid falls, how to get over your fear of falling, and how to build your strength and balance so you’re less likely to fall.
  • Assistive Technology Buying Guide gives an extensive overview of products, equipment, and software programs that provide “someone with disabilities or physical limitations the ability to live independently, maintain functions or improve motor functions.”  It reviews everything from walkers and wheelchairs, to electronic devices and computer hardware/software.  And it explains how to save money when you buy these things.
  • Home Organization for Newly Disabled Seniors covers all the ways seniors can become disabled (various physical disabilities, mental disabilities, vision loss, hearing loss, chronic pain…) and offers a slew of resources and tips for each category.
  • Special Needs Seniors – Planning for Their Future looks at all the legal, medical and financial issues that special needs seniors – and their care givers – will face.  It provides links to government and service organizations that will help you understand and navigate private and public programs to make your life more manageable and less costly.


  • Legal Guide for Newly Disabled Seniors:  The title says it all:  “Newly Disabled?  Know Your Rights!”  It covers everything from hooking into Medicaid and Social Security Disability income, to safeguarding your medical rights and finances.


  • Button It – This company makes clothing that looks normal but uses cleverly-concealed magnets for buttons – allowing Parkies with shaking hands, as well as other folks who have problems with fine motor skills, to dress themselves in the morning.


  • Home Modifications for Specific Needs is an AARP set of suggestions for simple changes you can install in your home to make life easier if you’re challenged in some way.  Examples:  Replace round doorknobs with easier-to-use lever-style door handles.  Add lighting to closets.
  • Stretching Exercises for Seniors to Improve Mobility will help you remain limber…and without stretch marks!  “Stretching allows for greater movement in joints and improves posture. It also helps to release muscle tension and soreness, and reduces the risk of injury. Lastly, it may also help increase circulation, muscle control, and improve balance and coordination.
  • Fire Prevention, Preparedness, and Recovery: Seniors makes some crucial points for senior citizens.  “Older adults over 54 are at higher risk for fire injury and death for a variety of reasons including slower reaction time, medication that slows them down, and the possibility they live alone and cannot be helped.”  How can you minimize your risk?  Click here to find out.
  • Senior Diabetes: Signs and Diagnosis.  Just because you have Parkinson’s disease, it doesn’t mean you can’t have additional medical issues.  Here’s an overview of what you should know about being a senior and possibly having diabetes.
  • 25 Easy Recipes for Senior Nutrition .  I’ll take the Crustless Spinach Pie.  Followed by the Greek Yogurt Parfait.  Although this also sounds good:  Pork, Apple and Miso Noodle Soup.


  • The Boomer’s Ultimate Guide To Adding Value To Your Home.  This article is a huge, appealing wish list with lots of eye candy about how to increase the value of your home by making adjustments in the kitchen, bath, and elsewhere.  Enjoy the upgrades yourself, then reap the financial benefits when you finally sell and move to greener pastures!


  • Legal Resources and Considerations for Seniors and Persons with Special Needs.    “Both the disabled and the elderly population have specific rights that are protected by law. From the right to fair housing to the right to be protected from fraud and abuse, these are clearly outlined in the law…. Whether you are in one of these more vulnerable populations, or you are a caretaker who is caring for a disabled or elderly loved one, it’s critical to understand these legal concerns and the laws put in place to protect you.” 



  • Making the Move to Assisted Living.  “Is it time to make the move?” is just one of the many questions this site discusses.  It also sorts out the costs, explains the different kinds of facilities and care options, and talks about relying on your gut instincts.


  • Keeping Seniors Safe while Remodeling.  “This comprehensive guide has been designed to provide safety best practices for seniors, disabled adults, and their caregivers to help them safely navigate construction sites. Also, it outlines the ADA’s recommended construction zone safety standards. If a worst-case scenario occurs, and you or a loved one is injured in a construction zone, this guide also offers actionable advice for how to react and respond.”


  • Disaster Preparedness for Seniors.  “Don’t wait until the threat of disaster to look into these tools and resources. Even in normal daily life, they all provide value and protection.”


  • Advanced Care Planning.  “Making plans now for the care you want when you have a serious illness is called ‘advance care planning.’ Advance care planning helps you make your care decisions now and in the future. Planning involves learning about your illness and understanding your choices for treatments and care.”  This site includes many downloadable PDFs with titles such as “Advance Care Planning for Serious Illness” and “Caregivers and Serious Illness.”


  • Aging Veteran’s Guide to Planning for the Future.  “From buying a home to getting health insurance and planning for a stable financial future, today’s veterans have many opportunities available to them, and planning for the future requires knowledge of them.”



  • Elder Care Resources.  This site has resources and links for all sorts of useful information, from a list of federal websites, to fact sheets about adult day care, to brochures on brain health.